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Is The State Taking Your Land?

When you get a letter telling you that the state is going to use eminent domain to take your land you have a lot of emotions that run through your mind...

Anger, Fear, Anxiety about what to do...


You probably have even more questions...


Can they legally do this?


Can I stop them?


What are my rights?


You need an advocate for you. You need someone that understands the laws. Someone with the experience, track record, and expertise to fight for your rights. You need Linde Webb..


For over three decades Linde Webb has been an advocate for people like you. During her career she has helped land owners stop the state from taking advantage of people in eminent domain cases. In one eminent domain case she helped a small business owner recover thousands of dollars in compensation from the state...after another attorney said nothing could be done.


Do You Have Estate or Guardianship Issues?


She has helped the courts track down guardians that stole money from estates...and get it back. In a guardianship case she helped track down the assets stolen by a corrupt attorney and helped get him disbarred. She has helped stop financial abuse by guardians on their charges. She has the experience, expertise, and the resolve to fight for you!