Thank you Linde for everything you did to ensure we were able to secure our home. Thank you again. You are the Best. 

Art & Rebecca


Thank you for supporting my class project and donating to the Sylvania Area Family Services. You have done wonderful things for me and my family the past few months and we greatly appreciate everything!

Hope all is well!

Mark O...

Thanks for everything you do. I REALLY appreciate it!


Dear Linde:

I really appreciate all the time you spent working on the estate. There were many headaches but you always worked your way through them. You always explained everything very well to me.

It has been a pleasure working with you and Laurie this past year!


Dorothy M...

Dear Ms. Webb:

It was really a pleasure to have you join our class and share your experiences as a litigator of eminent domain cases. It was eye-opening to learn how these kinds of cases work in practice. Thank you for taking the time to be a guest in our class.

University of Toledo: College of Law, Land Use Planning course

Dear Linde:

Thank you for your services for which I am very satisfied.



Just a note to thank you for your excellent presentation on Living Wills.

Our group really appreciated the information and one lady said 'I'm going to get started

before the end of the year'. So if you've prompted at least one person - good work.

Before I left, all the extra copies were gone.

Thanks again,

Correne Hofer