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Areas of Practice

Linde Webb works primarily in the areas of eminent domain, guardianship, and estate law. Her career in these areas spans over three decades.

Eminent Domain

Ms. Webb has represented businesses and individual property owners on eminent domain cases. She has helped them understand their rights and recover fair and equitable settlements. To get the most benefit from Ms. Webb’s expertise you should contact her as soon as you find out your property is being taken in an eminent domain case. She can help you get a fair appraisal, which is critical to the process of getting a fair settlement.

Because she has worked on both sides of the law for eminent domain she understands the difference competent legal representation can be to a favorable outcome. She helps you understand the details that make the difference between a poor outcome and a great outcome. See more on her FAQ

Probate Law

During her career she has seen attorneys and family members that have stolen money from their estates and guardianship. She helps the courts recover stolen money and missing estate property. She can help set up the most favorable situation for taking care of elderly family and how assets are best used for these purposes. Finally, she can serve as a guardian for people who have no one else to turn to. See more on her FAQ

Real Estate Law

Ms. Webb has extensive experience in real estate law.  She can help you navigate everything from home closings and purchase agreements to more complex matters that involve eminent domain settlements.  She can also work with you on real estate matters that are part of an estate or trust.

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